How to remove Pangu jailbreak?

Remove jailbreak permission from your jailbroken device means unjailbreak. For that, you have both official and third-party tools offered by developers and researchers. From the very beginning, unjailbreak tool called Cydia Impactor. And then it turned into Cydia Eraser. While these can find out as very own options from the Cydia app, the rest of third-party tools should download separately. However, this is how to remove Pangu jailbreak from your iPhone, iPod or iPad. This will completely set you as a non-jailbreak user and will remove everything related to Cydia. If you know what exactly means remove the Pangu tool, here is how.

pangu jailbreak

Remove Pangu jailbreak

When it comes to Pangu 9.3.3 the last release of team Pangu, the tool that going to remove jailbreak status call Cydia eraser. It can find out as an option of your current Cydia download app is you are a jailbroken user. The importance of having such an advanced jailbreak removable tool is that you can easily become non-jailbreak without upgrade the device. So if you will need to rejailbreak your device, you can use the same method and everything for you is at the same level. And even Cydia eraser of Jay Freeman will never keep any single evidence to realize that your device was a jailbroken one. It will entirely clean the system and everything for you.

Guide to remove Pangu jailbreak

pangu jailbreak

Go to your Cydia app store and download Cydia Eraser

And then launch it to start the process

Go to the “Erase all data, unjailbreak device” option which displays in red at the bottom

A confirmation text will open. Continue it using Erase All button

The process will take around 5 minutes. You have to remain patiently without interfere

In the end, the black screen with the Apple logo will display on your screen

When you will see the Hello screen, you can make sure that you are at the end

Check the iDevice and you can see it as a device without jailbreak permission. And the version will be the same

Important: Of course, you can use iTunes to remove Pangu from your device. But iTunes will surely ask you to upgrade to the latest iOS version and will not let you stay with iOS 9.3.3. So it is better to use Cydia Eraser which will safely set you free without any worry. And also, there are some other methods too to unjailbreak jailbroken devices. If you are interested, you can check them as well.

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