What is and how to use Topanga jailbreak?

We brought here one of the oldest but an interesting topic today. And it related to a well-known researcher and a developer of the jailbreak community call Abraham Masri. He was the keen developer behind the Houdini hack and Saigon jailbreak. They too were two tools that brought the semi-jailbreak experience to our iDevices. However, this story is about Topanga jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2. If you are a developer, knowing that this package available on Github would be great. You can use tricks and special methods that you know through this and go through the jailbreak process.


More about Topanga jailbreak

According to the developer, this is a jailbreak and that based on tfp0 exploit of popular researcher Ian Beer. And the exploit based on iOS 11.1.2. Moreover, further clarifications prove that code signing things by Xerub, libraries and binaries of CoolStar and Jonathan Levin as well used behind. However, thanks to Jonathan, we could encounter a complete jailbreak tool instead of partially developed Topanga jailbreak. Because of that, this did not become a popular deal at all. Those who will keenly go through Topanga will be able to brig Cydia on their devices. If you use this, you should not remove system files for any reason. although many users went through this at that time, some of them complained that it was not properly worked.

Topanga jailbreak for beginners

If you are a beginner and wish to go through Topanga must know this. This is not an easy way to jailbreak your device. If you really want to jailbreak iOS 11.1.2, you must turn for Jonathan Levin’s public jailbreak releases. And it is better to avoid use Topanga. Do not put your device in danger. Since there are serious steps to follow and even tricks to carefully use during this jailbreak method, a normal user can never go through.

Wrapping up

It is important to know that you have several public jailbreak tools for each iOS versions. Sometimes some versions may have missed. However, you have to carefully pick up the tool that you wish to apply. Tools like Topanga is better when it is on a developer’s hands. If you are a regular jailbreak follower, you must use public and complete jailbreak methods for your betterment.

By the way, Topanga was a perfect announcement at that for there was not any tool for iOS 11.1.2. But now, you should ignore it unless you are a developer. 

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