New tfp0 exploit for iOS and iPadOS 13.6

While we are keep eyes on iOS 14, Apple getting prepared to end the previous 13th array. So it is iOS 13.6 as the most recent version that launch to the audience a few days ago. However, thanks to dedicated researchers in the jailbreak community, we could collect a great detail about an exploit. So the new tfp0 will support us to go through iOS and iPadOS 13.6. Since such exploits has a remarkable history of support perfect jailbreak tools, we are excited to see if they got such a way to download Cydia for iOS 13.6. Let’s see each and every detail about the exploit before confirm the possibility.

ios and iPadOS 13.6

New tfp0 exploit for iOS 13.6

As we all know, we are at the end of iOS 13. It was unveiled to the audience in 2019 as a perfect OS. Because of security holes that jailbreakers captured, we could successfully turn it in to jailbroken. According to reliable sources, iOS 14 will come with perfect security patches and uses to bring back the throne. However, as clarified, @_simo36 is the researcher behind this grand detail who post it on Twitter.

If you were attentively play jailbreak tools since far, there is no doubt that you know there were tools that used exploits related to tfp0. If you used Chimera, Unc0ver and even Electra as jailbreak tools on your iDevices, you should know that the approaching Odyssey as well come up with such an exploit. However, we do not need any further confirmation of the supportive status of the new tfp0.

How to jailbreak iOS 13.6?

Do not hurry to upgrade your device to iOS 13.6 because of the confirmation of the exploit. We yet to know if researchers will unwrap tfp0 for there is no such a certain confirmation. Thus, it is better to stay away from iOS 13.6 although it is the latest version. Since there is no other detail confirms the possibility of jailbreak, we cannot say when and how you will be able to go through.

Wrapping up

By the way, be prepared to greet iOS 14 within few more months with amazing deals than any before. Because of the pandemic situation, the release of initial beta was delayed. But now it seems smoothly go through its betas and will rapidly come to the audience on time. Stay tuned for us to share if hackers will come up with a new jailbreak tool to end iOS 13.6.

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