PS4 6.20 Jailbreak- New Exploit in Work

It is time to enjoy a new jailbreak on your way. It is to cheer up for PlayStation 4 owners as new jailbreak seems possible. As with the popular developer @theflow, the encounter of a new vulnerability has announced on firmware 6.20 of the Sony outgoing console. So simply it is on PS4 6.20 Jailbreak with a kernel exploit. Here you are some more information.

ps4 6.20 jailbreak

PS4 6.20 Jailbreak- exploits available in public?

It is a real fact that public exploits for FW 6.20 is available. But these are WebKit exploits that are on user land.

As a result of all these, we see two exploits. One is by SpecterDev while the other one by Fire30. But they are not everything to make PS$ 6.20 jailbreak. In fact, they are not powerful enough to build up a fully functional PS4 jailbreak in similar support to what we see in FW 5.05 or below. But it is true that such jailbreak tools require kernel exploit (kxploit) in making the attempts complete. Thinking from the user’s mind, WebKit exploits will not give out much hope on a new PS4 jailbreak 6.20. But for sure, this is an entry point to something better in the coming days. So what is found here will be developed to a complete jailbreak in times ahead.

What is to see in the future?

In taking the things in a closer view, we find some good news from the backstage on a kernel exploit (kxploit) for PlayStation 4 Firmware 6.20.  So make sure that you do not update the firmware as it may end up with a public release in the times ahead.

Wrapping up

In the end, it’s important to mention that @theFlow has given no update on ETA. So it is pointless to give him any question on Twitter or anywhere possible about his plan of release. In fact, asking about his work and when he will be releasing, again and again, will only ban social media accounts. You can pay your donations here to TheFlow via the Patreon on which he used to share the status updates details on releases before put them in public. So stay tuned for something really worth waiting for. We will get back to you in PS4 6.20 to jailbreak the latest updates soon with the release news.

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