Best jailbreak apps for iOS 13

It is been a couple of months from the release of Checkra1n tool for iOS 13. And now, we have Unc0ver as well with a few limitations but with fully Cydia support for all recommended devices. So we are trying to let you know what are the best jailbreak apps that you must keep on your jailbroken device for a better and interesting support. If you are with iOS 13 to iOS 13.4.1 and went through whatever jailbreak method and need to collect top rated Cydia tweaks on your device, here is our suggestion.

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Top jailbreak apps for iOS 13

Here is our list of top rated jailbreak apps for iOS 13. You may have many others that you felt amazing. Just add them to this list. Here we go.

  • AppStore++

The app store will receive important options

  • Artistry

Sportify Playlist will show the artwork of songs

  • Compactor

The special SF compact font that we used with the Apple Watch can bring to the iPhone

  • CCModules

Bring useful modules and custom the Control Center using CCModules

  • SmallSiri

This is to minimize the interface of Siri

  • Keyboard Accio

This is for those who want to often switch a couple of tweaks on their iPhone. So this will arrange a new button that you can use to bring several keyboards easily.

  • Google Window

This can arrange a floating window on your screen. So you can go through and easily search Google.

  • KeepItSimple

The odd notification center will modify when you use this tweak. All your notifications will orderly display on a list.

  • HideBarX

This is for those who do not like the Home bar on their iPhone X or later. The tweak can remove it for you.

  • HideYourApps

Want to hide some installed apps on the iDevice? Then this will be great to have with you.

  • HiddenAlbumLock

You can use password for the hidden folder of your iDevice

  • FloatyDock

Add a fifth icon on the dock using this. Moreover, this can help you to bring the Home screen dock to the iPhone like on your iPad.

If you still could not jailbreak the device, do not delay for any reason. There are thousands of tweaks waiting to enhance your device possibilities. And you can customize the operating system more than ever. As I feel, it is not enough having the stock iOS 13 for me as a jailbreaker. So these are the ones that I love to have with me.

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