iPhone model a1533 – Firmware files according to the device model number

Today we are going to talk about iPhone model a1533. Most users confuse what are the firmware files that they should welcome on such device models. Of course, you can find out certain firmware files that you can install on your device using its model number separately. Simply turn back of the iDevice and you will see the model number at the bottom. We will unfold each detail on a table for you to easily recognize where are you? Here we go.

iphone model 1533

iOS firmware files according to the device model number

As said previously, turn back of the iDevice and find out your device model number. In the following table, e will note each device and what is the variant and even the identifier. But this is not about new iPhone models. The table will clarify only up to iPhone 6.

It is important to remember that your device generation is not the identifier. It is different from one to another. As an example, the iPhone 6 has four different Identifiers under iPhone 7,2. So you cannot confirm where are you just using the device generation. Here we go.

Check according to Generation, Model, Variant and Identifier.

iPhone 2G – A1203 – GSM – iPhone1,1

iPhone 3G – A1241 – GSM- iPhone1,2/A1324 – GSM – iPhone1,2

iPhone 3GS – A1303 – GSM – iPhone2,1/A1325 – GSM – iPhone2,1

iPhone 4 – A1332 – GSM iPhone3,1/GSM Rev A – iPhone3,2/A1349 – CDMA – iPhone3,3

iPhone 4S – A1387 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone4,1/A1431 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone4,1

iPhone 5 – A1428 – GSM iPhone5,1/A1429 – GSM+CDMA                iPhone5,2/A1442 – GSM+CDMA                iPhone5,2

iPhone 5s – A1433 – GSM – iPhone6,1/A1533 – GSM – iPhone6,1/A1457 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone6,2/A1518 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone6,2 – A1528 – GSM+CDMA              iPhone6,2/A1530 – GSM+CDMA                iPhone6,2

iPhone 5c – A1456 – GSM – iPhone5,3/A1532 – GSM – iPhone5,3/A1507 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone5,4/A1516 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone5,4/A1526 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone5,4/A1529 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone5,4

iPhone 6 Plus – A1522 – GSM/North America – iPhone7,1/A1522 – CDMA/Verizon               iPhone7,1/A1524 – Global/Sprint/A1586 – iPhone7,1/A1593                China Mobile – iPhone7,1

iPhone 6 – A1549 – GSM/North America – iPhone7,2/A1549 – CDMA/Verizon – iPhone7,2/A158 – Global/Sprint/A1586 – iPhone7,2/A1589             China Mobile – iPhone7,2

From where to download firmware files?

When a new firmware will release to the audience, the automated notification of Apple OTA update will reach each user. But the model number can use to find out whish IPSW file that you have to download when you wish to install firmware using iTunes. There are several reliable sources in the web that post final IPSW files. You can follow one of those pages and download the certain file on your desktop.

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