iOS 13.2 Jailbreak- what’s new?

As to the usual theory, Apple keeps upgrading the operating system bringing various changes to iOS 13 experience. So by now, Apple is getting ready for its second major software update iOS 13.2 bundling a number of exciting features and functions together with many fixes. So why not to talk about iOS 13.2 jailbreak? Let us take a quick look into iOS 13.2 in progress and its latest state of jailbreak and Cydia.

iOS 13.2 jailbreak

Ready to Download iOS 13.2?

iOS 13 brought great excitement over all the firmware by Apple so far. But with a lot of troubles since the release, it has made the user wait for more updates. And in the chain, iOS 13.2 is considered the second major operating system update to the public supporting all the devices iOS 13 supported. For the exciting fact, iOS 13.2 features a lot of attracting changes together with more fixes and security concerns. In fact, it brings new “Deep Fusion” in the camera, iPadOS settings, Siri message announcing support, emoji updates, new privacy panel and so much more. Simply, it takes so many reasons for making one wait for iOS 13.2 Download. So would you?

iOS 13.2 is still in beta. So if you want to take up the experience, make sure to sign with the official Apple beta testing program to be a part of beta testing.

About iOS 13.2 jailbreak and Cydia possibilities

At the start iOS 13 jailbreak was said impossible with security and changes. But from the very first beta of iOS 13, we got so much exciting news about iOS jailbreak and Cydia updates. One of the most recent updates in the community is checkm8 exploit which is a bootrom exploit that comes as a powerful piece in progress to jailbreak. As with its form, Apple could not patch the exploit so easily with a software update in the usual way. So that will keep the exploit unpatched for a considerable time ahead proving its wide support through iPhone 4 to iPhone 11.

Anything is possible in jailbreak and Cydia. So there can be a chance for iOS 13.2 jailbreak at any time. And it is possible to make use of checkm8 exploit which is now a big concern in the jailbreak community. In fact, we are already confirmed the keen interest of both CoolStar and Luca Todesco as with their official status updates. So what will be the next update into jailbreak iOS 13?

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