How to download Cydia for iOS 14?

Today we are going to talk about how to download Cydia for iOS 14? You may confuse how can we jailbreak a version which is yet to become a complete public version. Of course, iOS 14 is just a beta and even we have to remain a few further months to welcome the major version of it. Anyhow, it seems developers behind Checkra1n going to unveil a possible jailbreak tool for the approaching iOS version as well. Checkra1n was the tool and that based on Checkm8 exploit. All the devices up to iPhone X will be able to go through the utility if it will use the same method that used during iOS 13.

cydia for ios 14

Cydia for iOS 14 using Checkra1n

This is the only jailbreak evidence that we got thus far. We hope the nest deal of jailbreakers will not that far if the Checkra1n team will work hard and offer it just behind the major release of iOS 14. However, we got evidence from two separate co-developers of Checkra1n team confirming that iPhone X running iOS 14 beta could perfectly jailbreak and even download Cydia too. Though we had Unc0ver as an alternative to iOS 13, there is nothing positive to talk about. If you are anxious about the tool Odyssey, it is another grand offer for iOS 13, which will release within few further days.

Release date of Chekcra1n

It is important knowing the release date of the next jailbreak tool. But there is no certain detail and that confirm the release at this instant. All we have to do is hopefully remain for team Checkra1n to arrange the next jailbreak on time. It seems Apple will draw the beta array around 10 betas till September this year. And even for we have to welcome iPhone 12 as well, it is better to stay calm without go through fake directions until jailbreakers confirm the possibility of iOS 14 and even new iDevices as well.

Wrapping up

Having a jailbreak tool for iOS 14 is really great. But the matter is still there is no reliable detail and that clarify the release of a new tool. But it is fair for we just start the beta journey of iOS 14. So the 13th OS chapter will completely close from here. Get ready if you are a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod user to deal with the next iOS version and even welcome the jailbreak as well.

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