iOS 13 jailbreak release date and everything

In this story, we are going to let you obviously know if there is a method that you can arrive at iOS 13 jailbreak? Those who wish to upgrade once Apple makes the version public in the near future should know whether it is time to. Here we go.

ios 13 jailbreak

Cydia with iOS 13 jailbreak

If you are looking for how can you download Cydia for the 13th OS, make sure you know all these points that we are going to discuss. For being the coming up next and that yet to release to the audience its public seed, we do not have proper details that clarify its true jailbreakable situation.

We have to note here that there are two recent tool releases call Unc0ver and Chimera. But there is a long gap between the topic we consider and the current public jailbreak tools because of the compatibility. Everyone knows that we cannot get a breakout when a major version remains its beta array. So in accordance with current conditions, you do not have a proper method to collect Cydia for iOS 13.

When iOS 13 jailbreak will release?

If we do not have a public breakout at the moment, then there should be clues that we are capable to collect and predict how the story will narrate. But the matter is there is no good deal thus far. Though Luca Todesco was there with tfp0 exploit in the very commencing stage of the beta array, we cannot apply it here for it has been getting older. And we cannot hopefully remain that we are capable to encounter the exploit in the future as well.

Therefore, at the moment we do not know the certain plan or release date of such a breakout from hackers.

ios 13 jailbreak

Final words

Though iOS 13 will be the biggest operating system that you are going to encounter within few further weeks, it does not mean that you will be able to collect all those beloved features that Cydia offered you through. Still, it seems we have a wide area to cover being jailbroken. Therefore, do not upgrade without making sure about its jailbreak possibility. Though there is no such an interesting point thus far, wish to collect once Apple announces the Golden Master of iOS 13 within the next few weeks. Until then, go through Unc0ver and chimera that capable to let you enjoy true jailbreaking.

Are you ready to download Cydia for iOS 13?

It is really great as we end are going to end the 12th OS and begin the brand-new iOS 13 from coming September. Behind key topics of sources, there is a heap of interesting details that clarify both official and jailbreak arrangements. Therefore, it is better to chase stories carefully if you are a user with an iPhone, iPod or iPad that recommended, for you may fail to spot important points. However, those who are looking if they are capable to download Cydia for iOS 13 can now navigate to Cydia Guru and grab more reliable details even about earlier releases too.

cydia for ios 13

When will Cydia for iOS 13 release?

Of course, it would be good to know when and how hackers planned to release the next jailbreak and Cydia through. But with every single point that we went through, it appears a solution for the 13th OS is not that easy to collect. The key point that we cannot forget is that the 13th iPhone operating system just passes its beta array. So it should turn into a major version first. Moreover, apart from Unc0ver and Chimera, we do not have any further utility to break 12.4 thus far. So it is pointless looking for a rapid answer for the 13th while we know there are a couple of previous points to pass.

Luca Todesco behind Cydia for iOS 13

As tfp0 exploit was the only unwrapped detail about iOS 13 jailbreak capability, rumors say Luca is returned. But there is no true point behind the detail for it is just a proclamation about an exploit that he found through. And even we cannot remain hopefully for the certain exploit while it was just taken from the initial seed. So in my opinion, there should be some other proper manner for hackers to go for a possible jailbreak in the future. At the moment, there is no confirmed detail for we have more to go in the beta journey. Be patient till the Golden Master release for it should be the target.

cydia for ios 13

Final words

We have to carefully count each step during the jailbreak journey for there are many fake directions as well. Though we call it an interesting journey, there are shady points too. If you are chasing Cydia, check out Cydia Guru for that. There you can find out the exact breakout according to the version you are currently with. Stay tuned for the next tool release of iOS 13  as soon as possible.

How to download Cydia for iOS 13?

Though jailbreak stories getting complex day to day, it is attention-grabbing chase such possibilities even during hard occasions. As we already know that Apple began the next generation OS of the year 2019 in June, we are here to see how things getting prepared for Cydia for iOS 13. Because of the next major iOS version that we are going to upgrade, it is better to know how hackers have been prepared.

cydia for ios 13

How to download Cydia for iOS 13?

It is really great if there is a proper way to reach Cydia through the 13th iPhone OS. But the truth is there is no such procedure thus far. There may be some other clarifications that lead us to collect Cydia for those versions that do not have jailbreak tools. But we should understand still there is no trustworthy manner reaches such highlight features when there is no jailbreak.

In fact, until we realize that iOS 13 got a jailbreak tool, it is not possible to count Cydia either. Let’s see why we could not collect its jailbreak tool thus far.

Cydia for iOS 13 with a new jailbreak

As usual, we were looking at least for evidence to prove that the 13th OS as well will be able to break. Thanks to Luca Todesco the one who released Yalu tool, there is an exploit that we can point out. It is tfp0 and that we have been discussed since far. As Todesco reported, the freshest seed of the 13 too got the exploit that even spotted from previous major 12.2 as well. However, the exploit could support hackers to develop tools through in prior times. But we have to patiently stand there to know if the exploit will be able to find out through the future public version of the 13.

cydia for ios 13

Important facts

As a jailbreaker, you should not try to collect new versions without making sure that they got jailbreak features. Thus, do not forget when the public seed of the 13th iOS edition. At the moment, it is just the beta array. But we must not fly away from compatible versions of Chimera for 12.1.3 and later ones too do not have breakouts. So we must wish for a breakout for those chapters as well before reach iOS 13.

Wrapping up

As we only post reliable directions for jailbreakers, we do not have a positive point to clarify about jailbreak for iOS 13. It is clear for we are yet to collect the 13 as a public version. It just reached the second public beta. So what we have to do is play with what we already have that call Chimera. And within few more days, Unc0ver 3.0 will be there. So we will be able to play with two separated tools if we are with required positions. For that we should make certain that we are between 12.0 and 12.1.2. If you are with, do not waste your time waiting for a higher breakout. Play with current opportunities until a good detail will be there.

How to collect iOS 12.4 jailbreak?

Although jailbreaking was one of the most interesting topics behind iOS, it became a complicated one because of several serious reasons during the last couple of years. And now, we have to consider iOS 12.4 jailbreak for it is one of the arrangements that users wish to see in the future as soon as possible. So let’s go through a few points from here.

ios 12.4 jailbreak

iOS 12.4 jailbreak by Chimera

Because CoolStar released Chimera as the first public jailbreak for iOS 12.0 a couple of weeks ago, there are some rumors pointing them for the rest 12.1.3 to 12.4 too. But we do not have any good detail thus far. And even we cannot that easily predict whether they will be able to deal with such an advanced breakout as well.

Anyhow, getting a new jailbreak is really tough because of the current situation. Still, it seems Sileo too being updated its versions in order to sharp everything. In fact, what we want you to realize is that Chimera did not clearly clarify that they got a plan to unwrap any further tools.

When will iOS 12.4 jailbreak release?

While we just pass betas of 12.4, we cannot note any single detail about its release at least as a prediction for we cannot post them based on reliable reports. At the moment there is no any good detail that shows us the path that even let us make sure about the release of an application.

Apart from Unc0ver 3.0 and Chimera, there is no any reliable detail from a utility that addresses the 12th iPhone OS. Therefore, do not waste your time searching for such a far topic while you have some other updates as well. As we wish, both major version of 12.4 and its jailbreak possibility will be able to reach within the next couple of days for we have to move through the 13th OS as well.

What’s important?

It is important to keep in your mind that we are slowly getting closer a brand new iPhone operating system as the 13th chapter of this long journey. And there are more and more to consider though there are no possible jailbreak tools to end the previous 12th. Behind everything, we may have to rewrite Cydia download as the package Sileo already became the key jailbroken installation after Chimera. And for Jay Freeman did not post any update after a long, Sileo might expand everywhere. If you still confuse about Sileo, check our prior posts for more.

12.4 jailbreak

Final words

As we passed totally four betas of 12.4 during the last couple of weeks, we have to be prepared for its major release in the near future. Though there is no any highlighted feature, rumors say that this may be the point that Apple decided to set the promised Apple Card. However, security features and enhancements will arrange the operating system an advanced one. And as proclaimed by experts, this will write the final part of the 12th iPhone OS. Therefore, what we should consider then is the upcoming iOS 13.0 which will be the biggest story of the year 2019 with more and more amazing deals than ever. Therefore, though this is the end of our narration, it does not mean everything is over. Stay tuned for more.

Download iOS 13 – Are you ready?

We are glad to bring an amazing topic after a long that we captured during World Wide Developers Conference 2019. It is about download iOS 13 for 64-bit iDevices. If you are ready to play with the newfangled OS of Apple within a few further months, be sure how it is going to release and even whether surround perfect things that you are capable to upgrade with. Are you a jailbreaker? Do not worry. Just check this before any decision.

What’s new with download iOS 13?

As usual, the newest frame contains enhancements, advanced fixes plus security features. As reliable reports highlighted, newly arranges Siri voice, all-new Reminders app, system-wide dark mode, redesigned Photos app, Photo edit with a new interface and so on are there as brand-new features.

Those who were anxious to greet the operating system will be able to count it on their devices within next couple of months. Both OTA and IPSW through iTunes methods will open at the perfect time.

Are you ready to download iOS 13?

Having a 64-bit iPhone, iPad or iPod does not mean that you are capable to start enjoy iOS 13.0. There are a couple of points to consider for it may put you in troubles either jailbreaker or not.

The first thing is, it is not a good decision to upgrade to the beta 1 for it is not stable to play the role of a normal user while it is suitable when you are an expert or a developer. Moreover, jailbreakers should consider if there is any clue that give confidence them to be prepared to pull together the major version in future.  

Jailbreak possibilities of iOS 13

As a jailbreaker, make sure about jailbreak status of whatever iOS chapter is important. When we are getting closer to the 13th OS, there should be a proper clue to decide if it is good to deal with. At the moment, there were Pwn20wnd and CoolStar as two jailbreakers who responsible for the latest jailbreak releases. But 12.1.2 is the final chapter that they could apply jailbreaking. Therefore, we have a couple of further ones to turn jailbroken including 12.4. In that case, we have to realize that the target of the 13th iPhone OS is far that ask us to patiently remain few more months at least to become a public seed ending the long beta array.

download ios 13

Final words

By the way, we are at the final part of the narration. Having iOS 13.0 as the next operating system with amazing features would be great. But keep in your mind that we have to stay there for few further weeks to realize everything that it planned to offer us. And even for it is just the first beta, do not decide to upgrade the iDevice right away. Just remain for few more months and may be around September to collect the first ever seed of the enormous iPhone operating system of the year 2019. Stay tuned if there will be an important detail to let you know right away.

iOS 12.3 jailbreak – Everything you should know

Hello everyone! Thanks to CoolStar and Pwn20wnd, we were lucky to reach new jailbreak releases. And now we are going to check out how iOS 12.3 jailbreak will narrate surrounding weighty things. You might already go through some points. But just check out each and every.

What’s new?

As 12.3 is the latest major update to the iPhone operating system, we have to keep a note about its new arrivals. While Apple TV app is the highlighted topic in the chapter, there are several security and performance enrichments as well as usually. And now it opens through Over The Air and IPSW files as well that you can download through a reliable source. So download them and apply via iTunes.

Anyhow, it is the third biggest chapter of the story after a couple of betas. And now 12.4 as well start its beta session to get closer to the end of the 12th iOS array. It seems Apple getting prepared to commence the story of 13th iPhone OS from WWDC during coming June.

However, if you are eager to count 12.3, just go following directions as well and make sure that you do not have any barrier.

iOS 12.3 jailbreak for Cydia

Since our only hope is to reach Cydia while being a jailbreaker, we know that knowing 12.3 is jailbroken would be great. So we searched for such an update to let you know. Unfortunately, the only thing we found is the demonstration of KeenLab as the hottest evidence of jailbreaking. But, just remember that it is not about 12.3. It was only for 12.1.3 to 12.2 which did not cover any chapter above.

However, even in reliable resources, there is no any good detail to point out about jailbreaking to download Cydia for 12.3.

Release date of iOS 12.3 jailbreak

If you want to know when and how hackers going to resolve this point, just remember that there is no any detail of a public arrangement thus far. Even we do not have any demonstration either to confirm that 12.3 got possible keys to open the jailbreaking doorway.

However, while looking for evidence, you better do not upgrade to 12.3 before there will be a suitable factor that jailbreakers ready for something.

ios 12.3 jailbreak

Final words

By the way, because of 12.3 is the just offered iOS version of Apple and even there are a couple of previous chapters too waiting for their jailbreak releases, it is fair not having such a deal at the moment. However, it reminds us that we have a long journey to go while being a jailbreaker though Apple hurries to settle the iOS array with new releases. When you are a Cydia follower, you must consider each point without loose the closest jailbreakable station for any reason. At the moment, it is great if you are patiently stay with 12 to 12.1.2 for you already have the key. If it is above 12.1.3, do not set apart to reach 12.3 as we do not have any single point to direct for jailbreaking through.

iOS 12.2 jailbreak – KeenLab with a new clue

We are here today with an interesting topic for all jailbreakers after a long from well-known researcher KeenLab in the community. So this is about iOS 12.2 jailbreak and its download Cydia for free possibility. However, do not be rush without knowing certain things in the story. Check out this with all current directions to be there at the perfect moment to capture the public release. Here we go.

KeenLab with new iOS 12.2 jailbreak

In accordance with formal demonstrations that hackers offer us about upcoming jailbreak reveals, we got evidence related to 12.2 as we spell out. It known as the latest research result of Keen team and the first evidence about 12.2 that the audience capable to collect. And now, we have to go through the demo and realize how the future public utility going to become.

During the video clip, Chen tried to confirm that the utility they used was perfect and even loaded Cydia to the Home screen through the procedure. As he showed, it is an iPhone XS Max which running iOS 12.2.

However, as experts clarified, A12(X) variety is capable to break through as iPhone XS Max as well showed. And even the version range is 12.1.3 to 12.2. Two bypasses that used known as PAC and APRR.

iOS 12.2 jailbreak to download Cydia free version

As we always consider once hear about such an opportunity, it is important know if the utility capable to let us Cydia download. In accordance with the video clip, there is nothing we captured wrongly. Chen showed that the jailbroken iPhone XS Max could launch the Cydia app that settled on the Home screen devoid of any trouble.

However, because of the current situation for downloading Cydia and even the Sileo app that suggest by CoolStar with Chimera tool, we yet to realize how the future utility of 12.2 will develop. Therefore, be patience to confirm it in future when directions become clear.

Important facts to remember

Upgrade to later iOS versions is not a good decision at all for users when waiting for a new jailbreak. Since, 12.1.2 and above already broken and those hackers welcome users to go through their public reveals, you must realize that 12.1.3 to 12.2 are a little complicated to upgrade right away while we will have to stay for a long.

Final words

Since there is no any clue that hackers getting ready to unwrap a utility based on 12.1.3 to 12.2, do not hurry to go through such a deal for there might be rumors that put you in troubles. All we currently have is that the complete demonstration of KeenLab. Therefore, collect all the directions that they gave through. So you will not confuse at any point.

However, we have Chimera and Unc0ver here as the latest jailbreak releases. But remember that it is not related to whatever you need to break. Throughout, we are capable to break 12 to 12.1.2 running devices and even go for further jailbroken features as well.

Everything new about Chimera jailbreak iOS 12.1.2

We are with an attention-grabbing topic after a long thanks to dedicated jailbreaker CoolStar. Of course, it was Electra there as their famed application and now we have to endure the journey with the newest deal call Chimera jailbreak iOS 12.1.2. It is really fascinating to surround a few exceptional features. Those who still could not go through the utility are greeted to go through our narration. Here we set out.

chimera jailbreak ios 12.1.2

What’s new with Chimera jailbreak iOS 12.1.2?                            

While being the hottest topic in the jailbreak community, Chimera brought us a lot to discuss. As it was Electra as the utility that CoolStar brought us for iOS 11.0, not any single reporter note that they got a new plan to offer such. However, with the utility, we are capable to crack the wall of all versions between 12 to 12.1.2. It was released as the version 1.0 and recently updated to 1.0.2 for more enrichments and performances.

Those who were anxious about download Cydia should know that Chimera do not have Cydia and there will be some other third-party suggestion. Go ahead for further info.

Chimera jailbreak iOS 12.1.2 for Cydia

As we make a note of, there we have an app call Sileo in addition to Cydia when become jailbroken. At the moment, Sileo pass its version 1.0.3 as there were several enhancements behind speed in accordance with its developer’s note. With the utility Chimera, those individuals who interest about jailbreaking can download Sileo with tons of tweaks, varies features and everything. Therefore, this is the first time we have to talk about such an alternative to Cydia while one and all excite about.

With the updated version 1.0.3, Sileo became faster than the previous edition. Moreover, errors that surrounded the Chinese translation as well have been repaired.

Should I download Sileo?

As there are many jailbreakers who need to make sure whether they are capable to crack iOS 12.0 to 12.1.2 using the recent Chimera, make sure that you agree with these. At the moment, not many sources guided to jailbreak using this utility may be because of it became a brand new topic to the journey. And even, not having Cydia for users become jailbroken and Sileo replaced it as well may be a reason that it remains that far. So in my opinion, it is better if you an expert to handle everything alertness.

Wrapping up

Having a jailbreak at least after a couple of months for 12 – 12.1.2 is really exciting. Though it was Unc0ver as the main topic of all jailbreaking stories, Chimera changed the entire with a big bang by becoming the first ever public deal for respective editions. Even there was not Cydia download, it was not that much disparity for there is a brand-new suggestion call Sileo. And now, the best thing is move to the fore rather than waiting for Cydia while we already know the utility will not be able to bring even in future. Stay tuned for further enhancements of the utility.

Are you ready to download Cydia iOS 12?

Here is a great detail that unveiled by well-known researcher Samg_is_a_Ninja a few days back related to Cydia iOS 12. If you have been waiting for a jailbreak deal for newer iOS chapters, this is it that you should not fail to spot right away. So this story is to let you know about the true situation. Here we go.

Siri shortcut for Cydia iOS 12

Thanks to dedicated researchers and jailbreakers in the community, the recent iOS 12.0 session became an amazing one though it taken a couple of months. However, in recent times, it is Samg_is_a_Ninja at this time with his recent reveal to jailbreak iOS 12. As it appear, it already compatible Cydia as well. Since Siri is one of huge shortcuts when the operating system turns to the 12th, this is an interesting doorway.

Behind the feature, Samg_is_a_Ninja showed that the user capable to say “Hey Siri, Install Cydia”. So the Unc0ver app in the device will open and start the operation in accordance with the command.

The public release of Cydia iOS 12

Of course you might confuse then how can you reach jailbreaking while there is no any public utility thus far. But according to reports that clarify the situation, we will be able to collect it before long during next couple of weeks. Though it seems Cydia is not stable with Unc0ver pre-release, it too confirmed by experts a few days back with the release of Unc0ver beta 28.

Behind their journey, Pwn20wnd confirmed that their research for a public utility is move on and will end when it becomes a perfect and a sharp application to settle to the audience. And we welcome those fellows who interest about the situation and need to try out the pre-release to deal with.

Important facts

If you are with iOS 12 – 12.1.2, then you must keep safe your device without upgrade to those non-jailbreak versions from 12.1.3. Since the previous chapter has been stopped sign in, you will just have to wander have nothing to deal with for a long until a jailbreak will address it. Therefore, upgrade and downgrade are not that good decisions when we consider the current surrounding.

But behind that, we captured that Pwn20wnd said that users capable to downgrade to 12.1.1 beta 3 from whatever higher chapter right away. For that you have to follow special instructions rather than miss. So you can reach 12.1.1 beta 3 and stay there patiently for few further days.

Wrapping up

So we are with the betas of iOS 12.2 and that will end within next could of days to offer us the major product. When developers decide to stop the beta array, the major role will arrive to the audience. It really great having a couple of methods for jailbreaking rather than not having any single detail to move on. You might confuse that not any single one capable to collect on your device for you do not have expert experience. But we hope that the pre-release of Unc0ver 3.0 and the Siri shortcut of Samg_is_a_Ninja will come to the public on time.

iOS 12.1.2 – iOS 12 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

It is great to collect a list of Cydia apps that seems will be able to count when there is a jailbreak tool for the 12th iPhone OS. As reporters clarified, this taken from the well-matched record of RootlessJB and that we brought on your hands as jailbreak tweaks iOS 12.1.2 to iOS 12. So the list we are going to unwrap here taken from the live Google sheet that almost all jailbreak reports have been discussions through. Hope you will be able to have a clear idea thanks to iOS 12-centric rootlessJB 3.0. Keep in your mind that this is a little bit different from our formal discussions because of its standing as a tweak injection type.

The list of jailbreak tweaks iOS 12.1.2 

In this list, we are going to let you know a couple of apps that completely work and partially as well. So make certain that absolutely supportive jailbreak apps will let you carry out tasks perfectly. But the rest that we are going to note as partially will only arrange few things and for that users will not be able to accomplish all they desire. For that users have to find out what are the perfect and not perfectly work with them first. Or else if it seems the tweak is not workable, you better uninstall it and stay cool rather than let the device get crashed. Though there is a long list, we just brought a couple of as tag on.

HomeGesturen Lite






BatteryPercentX 1.2.5

Bloard – partially




BootSound – partially



Bolders Beta


Boxy 3


































HaptiKeyboard 1.0.0








NoLarge Titles



Cydia support for jailbreak tweaks iOS 12.1.2

In recent times, we got to know that jailbreakers got a utility that support us to reach several tweaks on our devices when we become jailbroken. When there will be an all-new jailbreak support, developers getting prepare to let users enter all their tweaks. Although there is no any proper deal that can enter right away, be prepared for jailbreakers might geared up for something remarkable. Thanks to experts in the community, we could collect the above compatibility list throughout the Google sheet that alive. The list is not complete for there is a lot to consider.

jailbreak tweaks

Wrapping up

Finally, we could start discussion about a long list of compatible jailbreak apps of iOS 12 to iOS 12.1.2. Thanks to the brave utility RootlessJB, all related iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch could try all the tweaks that recommended. Since jailbreaking has been introduced as one of dangerous applications, it capable to affect your security and stability as well. With the recent compatible list, experts noted that users have to find out what will be able to function and what will not. This happens for the most part when there is a new jailbreak. Therefore, make sure how to deal rootlessJB and even those suggested tweaks as well.