New tfp0 exploit for iOS and iPadOS 13.6

While we are keep eyes on iOS 14, Apple getting prepared to end the previous 13th array. So it is iOS 13.6 as the most recent version that launch to the audience a few days ago. However, thanks to dedicated researchers in the jailbreak community, we could collect a great detail about an exploit. So the new tfp0 will support us to go through iOS and iPadOS 13.6. Since such exploits has a remarkable history of support perfect jailbreak tools, we are excited to see if they got such a way to download Cydia for iOS 13.6. Let’s see each and every detail about the exploit before confirm the possibility.

ios and iPadOS 13.6

New tfp0 exploit for iOS 13.6

As we all know, we are at the end of iOS 13. It was unveiled to the audience in 2019 as a perfect OS. Because of security holes that jailbreakers captured, we could successfully turn it in to jailbroken. According to reliable sources, iOS 14 will come with perfect security patches and uses to bring back the throne. However, as clarified, @_simo36 is the researcher behind this grand detail who post it on Twitter.

If you were attentively play jailbreak tools since far, there is no doubt that you know there were tools that used exploits related to tfp0. If you used Chimera, Unc0ver and even Electra as jailbreak tools on your iDevices, you should know that the approaching Odyssey as well come up with such an exploit. However, we do not need any further confirmation of the supportive status of the new tfp0.

How to jailbreak iOS 13.6?

Do not hurry to upgrade your device to iOS 13.6 because of the confirmation of the exploit. We yet to know if researchers will unwrap tfp0 for there is no such a certain confirmation. Thus, it is better to stay away from iOS 13.6 although it is the latest version. Since there is no other detail confirms the possibility of jailbreak, we cannot say when and how you will be able to go through.

Wrapping up

By the way, be prepared to greet iOS 14 within few more months with amazing deals than any before. Because of the pandemic situation, the release of initial beta was delayed. But now it seems smoothly go through its betas and will rapidly come to the audience on time. Stay tuned for us to share if hackers will come up with a new jailbreak tool to end iOS 13.6.

How to download Cydia for iOS 14?

Today we are going to talk about how to download Cydia for iOS 14? You may confuse how can we jailbreak a version which is yet to become a complete public version. Of course, iOS 14 is just a beta and even we have to remain a few further months to welcome the major version of it. Anyhow, it seems developers behind Checkra1n going to unveil a possible jailbreak tool for the approaching iOS version as well. Checkra1n was the tool and that based on Checkm8 exploit. All the devices up to iPhone X will be able to go through the utility if it will use the same method that used during iOS 13.

cydia for ios 14

Cydia for iOS 14 using Checkra1n

This is the only jailbreak evidence that we got thus far. We hope the nest deal of jailbreakers will not that far if the Checkra1n team will work hard and offer it just behind the major release of iOS 14. However, we got evidence from two separate co-developers of Checkra1n team confirming that iPhone X running iOS 14 beta could perfectly jailbreak and even download Cydia too. Though we had Unc0ver as an alternative to iOS 13, there is nothing positive to talk about. If you are anxious about the tool Odyssey, it is another grand offer for iOS 13, which will release within few further days.

Release date of Chekcra1n

It is important knowing the release date of the next jailbreak tool. But there is no certain detail and that confirm the release at this instant. All we have to do is hopefully remain for team Checkra1n to arrange the next jailbreak on time. It seems Apple will draw the beta array around 10 betas till September this year. And even for we have to welcome iPhone 12 as well, it is better to stay calm without go through fake directions until jailbreakers confirm the possibility of iOS 14 and even new iDevices as well.

Wrapping up

Having a jailbreak tool for iOS 14 is really great. But the matter is still there is no reliable detail and that clarify the release of a new tool. But it is fair for we just start the beta journey of iOS 14. So the 13th OS chapter will completely close from here. Get ready if you are a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod user to deal with the next iOS version and even welcome the jailbreak as well.

iPhone model a1533 – Firmware files according to the device model number

Today we are going to talk about iPhone model a1533. Most users confuse what are the firmware files that they should welcome on such device models. Of course, you can find out certain firmware files that you can install on your device using its model number separately. Simply turn back of the iDevice and you will see the model number at the bottom. We will unfold each detail on a table for you to easily recognize where are you? Here we go.

iphone model 1533

iOS firmware files according to the device model number

As said previously, turn back of the iDevice and find out your device model number. In the following table, e will note each device and what is the variant and even the identifier. But this is not about new iPhone models. The table will clarify only up to iPhone 6.

It is important to remember that your device generation is not the identifier. It is different from one to another. As an example, the iPhone 6 has four different Identifiers under iPhone 7,2. So you cannot confirm where are you just using the device generation. Here we go.

Check according to Generation, Model, Variant and Identifier.

iPhone 2G – A1203 – GSM – iPhone1,1

iPhone 3G – A1241 – GSM- iPhone1,2/A1324 – GSM – iPhone1,2

iPhone 3GS – A1303 – GSM – iPhone2,1/A1325 – GSM – iPhone2,1

iPhone 4 – A1332 – GSM iPhone3,1/GSM Rev A – iPhone3,2/A1349 – CDMA – iPhone3,3

iPhone 4S – A1387 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone4,1/A1431 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone4,1

iPhone 5 – A1428 – GSM iPhone5,1/A1429 – GSM+CDMA                iPhone5,2/A1442 – GSM+CDMA                iPhone5,2

iPhone 5s – A1433 – GSM – iPhone6,1/A1533 – GSM – iPhone6,1/A1457 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone6,2/A1518 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone6,2 – A1528 – GSM+CDMA              iPhone6,2/A1530 – GSM+CDMA                iPhone6,2

iPhone 5c – A1456 – GSM – iPhone5,3/A1532 – GSM – iPhone5,3/A1507 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone5,4/A1516 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone5,4/A1526 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone5,4/A1529 – GSM+CDMA – iPhone5,4

iPhone 6 Plus – A1522 – GSM/North America – iPhone7,1/A1522 – CDMA/Verizon               iPhone7,1/A1524 – Global/Sprint/A1586 – iPhone7,1/A1593                China Mobile – iPhone7,1

iPhone 6 – A1549 – GSM/North America – iPhone7,2/A1549 – CDMA/Verizon – iPhone7,2/A158 – Global/Sprint/A1586 – iPhone7,2/A1589             China Mobile – iPhone7,2

From where to download firmware files?

When a new firmware will release to the audience, the automated notification of Apple OTA update will reach each user. But the model number can use to find out whish IPSW file that you have to download when you wish to install firmware using iTunes. There are several reliable sources in the web that post final IPSW files. You can follow one of those pages and download the certain file on your desktop.

Confirmed features of upcoming iOS 14

Want to know coming up next? Of course it is iOS 14 within a few further months on our iPhone, iPod and iPad. But we cannot just say that it is the next iOS chapter for it will bring us amazing deals after a long. So here is everything about confirmed features of iOS 13. Are you ready to download iOS 14? Here we go.

ios 14

Get ready to download iOS 14

We are glad to remind you that the annual World Wide Developers Conference event of Apple going to held as an online only event because of the current pandemic situation. For the same reason, it will start from 22nd this June unlike previous years. So we are anxious to see iOS 14, watchOS 7, tvOS 14 and MacOS newest chapter as well. Here is what are the confirmed features behind iOS 14, which is going to dwell your iDevice from then.

Features of iOS 14

  • Stable and fewer bugs

Use a stable and bug less operating system is everyone’s desire. So at this time, Apple will consider to turn the OS into an advanced and fewer bugs one because of the previous iOS 13 chapter.

  • Change default apps

This will be an interesting and important feature for it will let you to change default apps into third-party apps. You not have to stay with those stock apps if it is a third-party app that you wish to bring into play.

  • All-new Fitness App

For being healthy is one of the important things of our lives, Apple is going to bring you a new app call Fitness App. Once upgrade to iOS 14, you will be able to connect with your Apple watch and go on. Though we already have a Health app, do not confuse for these are not about the same.

  • Home Screen Widgets

This became a topic because of a code that found namely Avacado. Widgets will let you move here and there just like app icons.

  • New wallpaper sources

It seems Apple going to introduce several new sources for wallpapers at this time. Third-party wallpaper apps will be there on your Wallpaper Settings.

  • List for App icons

We know that it was just app icons to see what are the apps that we have been installed? But when we will tune the new page, there will be a list of app icons to see all the apps that you have been added on your device.

iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak using Checkra1n

Want to bring Cydia on your iOS 13.5.1 running iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? How to apply Unc0ver tool? Yes of course, Apple has been patched the tool with this update and still unc0ver team did not proclaim about a possible method. But because of a single patch, we cannot that easily forget about Checkra1n tool and that we welcomed a couple of months ago as the first-ever public tool for iOS 13.0. And now, we have the update of Checkra1n for iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak as well. So it is our time to escape from the cage and bring all those amazing Cydia tweaks on our devices. Here we go.

ios 13.5.1 jailbreak

Guide to iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak

  • Prepare your Mac as this can only launch on Mac and a proper USB cable to connect the device
  • Create a complete backup of data using iCloud or iTunes
  • Open the web browser and search for as the official website of Checkra1n
  • Find out the latest version and download it
  • The file will download as a dmg file

And then carefully go through each step and jailbreak the device. At the end of the operation, you will receive Cydia app store. Once install it to the device, you can bring tweaks and themes that you wished so far.

Cydia tweaks for iOS 13.5.1

  • Artistry
  • CCModules
  • Compactor
  • CircleIcons
  • Clean Player
  • Clean Home Screen
  • EasySwitcherX
  • Filza File Manager
  • Springtomize 5
  • FloatyDock
  • HideYourApps
  • HiddenAlbumLock
  • KeepItSimple
  • Keyboard Accio
  • GoogleWindow
  • SmallSiri
  • JellyFish
  • Color Flow 5
  • HomePlus Beta
  • iCleaner
  • Screenshot Actions
  • Dark Keys
  • Status Viz
  • Runaway
  • Goji

Wrapping up

By the way, you can jailbreak iOS 13.5.1 and download Cydia right on your device. There is a long list of Cydia tweaks that you can bring on your device after go through Checkra1n. Remember that it is a Mac-only tool and that you cannot launch on any other OS.

iOS 13.5.1 too is a perfect version when you navigate to Checkra1n. Do not wait for Unc0ver for there is no such an update that confirm as a possible jailbreak tool for iOS 13.5.1. But it is good to know once more that this tool can only let you break the wall of iPhone 5S to iPhone X. We have given you a list of tweaks. But there are more that you can collect. Just bring respective repositories on your Cydia store and you can collect all those beloved Cydia apps on your device.

How to download iOS 13.5.1?

We are with another new release of Apple and that seeded as download iOS 13.5.1 to the public. Although we just passed the major iOS 13.5, there is another one to count with several enhancements and fixes. However, those who wish to rapidly upgrade their devices to the most recent iOS chapter can collect this for free. After the major 13.5 and that brought essential covid-19 related features, this became the first minor update of it. If you are doubt if it should be there on your iPhone or iPad, let’s go through each point and see every single thing.

download iOS 13.5.1

How can I download iOS 13.5.1?

If you were waiting for iPadOS 13.5.1, Apple already proclaimed both for all iDevices to upgrade right away respectively. This is a version and that brought several important security arrangements to the array according to very own release note of Apple. For that reason, it is a significant offer though stand as one of the minor releases of iOS 13.0.

However, we all know that it is Over The Air as the easiest method that Apple has been offered for iDevices. So you can use the same way to bring iOS 13.5.1 on your device. You can arrange automatic installation or else upgrade the device using the previous method that we clarified.

Should I download iOS 13.5.1?

Let’s see if it is good or bad to bring the hottest iOS version on your device. iOS 13.5.1 is the latest version and that brought all the recent security features to the version. But there is a big deal that jailbreakers should clearly get to know. Experts said that this is not a good version that you should collect right away. You should avoid from upgrade it for it patched Unc0ver jailbreak completely and there is no way to use it any longer. But if you doubt about Checkra1n tool, we do not have a reliavle report that described the true situation about Checkra1n. For that, it is better stand away and let your ears capture if there is a proper jailbreak way.

But there is no any other reason if you are not a jailbreaker. You can collect it if you do not have a p[point to stay with the older version.

Final words

We are anxious to share with you if there is a positive detail from hackers about jailbreak iOS 13.5.1. And we are ready to let you know what’s new from Apple as well. Stay tuned.

Best jailbreak apps for iOS 13

It is been a couple of months from the release of Checkra1n tool for iOS 13. And now, we have Unc0ver as well with a few limitations but with fully Cydia support for all recommended devices. So we are trying to let you know what are the best jailbreak apps that you must keep on your jailbroken device for a better and interesting support. If you are with iOS 13 to iOS 13.4.1 and went through whatever jailbreak method and need to collect top rated Cydia tweaks on your device, here is our suggestion.

jailbreak apps

Top jailbreak apps for iOS 13

Here is our list of top rated jailbreak apps for iOS 13. You may have many others that you felt amazing. Just add them to this list. Here we go.

  • AppStore++

The app store will receive important options

  • Artistry

Sportify Playlist will show the artwork of songs

  • Compactor

The special SF compact font that we used with the Apple Watch can bring to the iPhone

  • CCModules

Bring useful modules and custom the Control Center using CCModules

  • SmallSiri

This is to minimize the interface of Siri

  • Keyboard Accio

This is for those who want to often switch a couple of tweaks on their iPhone. So this will arrange a new button that you can use to bring several keyboards easily.

  • Google Window

This can arrange a floating window on your screen. So you can go through and easily search Google.

  • KeepItSimple

The odd notification center will modify when you use this tweak. All your notifications will orderly display on a list.

  • HideBarX

This is for those who do not like the Home bar on their iPhone X or later. The tweak can remove it for you.

  • HideYourApps

Want to hide some installed apps on the iDevice? Then this will be great to have with you.

  • HiddenAlbumLock

You can use password for the hidden folder of your iDevice

  • FloatyDock

Add a fifth icon on the dock using this. Moreover, this can help you to bring the Home screen dock to the iPhone like on your iPad.

If you still could not jailbreak the device, do not delay for any reason. There are thousands of tweaks waiting to enhance your device possibilities. And you can customize the operating system more than ever. As I feel, it is not enough having the stock iOS 13 for me as a jailbreaker. So these are the ones that I love to have with me.

iOS 13.5 jailbreak – Are you ready?

We are here today with great news about iOS 13.5 jailbreak. Hope that you all will follow till the end of the narration. We cannot that easily find out jailbreak tools as soon as a version becomes public. And even without reliable directions, we cannot follow any tool that we got to know. Though there are many methods of jailbreaking, a few can only see in the public for developers keep them secret for several reasons. However, we are with the 13th iOS version and that started in September last year. Once Apple decide to make 13.5 a public seed, it will record as the sixth gigantic step of iOS 13 array.

ios 13.5 jailbreak

How to use iOS 13.5 jailbreak?

It is great know that Apple made iOS 13.5 a backing for Covid-19 pandemic. And now it was the fourth beta of the version which will shortly become a public seed. According to reports that we recently went through, iOS 13.5 will release to the audience as soon as possible to use it as a perfect backing during this pandemic.

Because of the same reason that it being a beta version; we are far from a proper jailbreak solution. Although we know that Checkra1n, Unc0ver and Ra1nUSB are the tools that capable to use on devices running iOS 13 to iOS 13.4.1, not any of them can help us when it comes to iOS 13.5.

iOS 13.5 jailbreak release date

Before we get to know the release of a new jailbreak, it is important make sure if Apple ready to make it a public deal. But, in accordance with reports we went through, there is no any detail to confirm that it is time to jailbreak your device running iOS 13.5. At this instant, we do not know if any of those iOS 13 applicable tools will help us when the version will turn into a public seed. The truth is there is no any certain direction to iOS 13.5 jailbreak thus far.

Wrapping up

At the end of the narration, you should know that we only have a few to remain though the story is still gloomy. Until then, remain at your current point with those Cydia tweaks until we will let you when the time comes. We will update once a tool will publicize as soon as possible. If you are with a non-jailbreak device running iOS 13 to 13.4.1, use Checkra1n, Ra1USB or Unc0ver to break the wall.

How to install apps on iPhone without jailbreak?

want to install apps without jailbreak? Of course, you have Apple App Store there to find out applications that fit on your iPhone or iPad. But, we know that you would love to find out methods to bring more and more. Jailbreak is the best way to expose third-party sources. But, still, there are methods for users without jailbreak as well. So we are going to talk about how to install apps on iPhone without jailbreak?

install apps in iphone

Install apps in iPhone without jailbreak

If you want to install Cydia tweaks, the truth is there is no other way to bring jailbreak apps on a device without jailbreak permission. But there are advanced ways like Cydia Impactor and Cydia alternatives that give us a chance to bring applications away from Apple App Store. There are apps with advanced features such as Whatsapp++, Instagram++ and so on. We can install them using recommended IPA based files using Cydia Impactor. For that, you do not need to confirm jailbreak status at all. This method too good for those who love to have hacked applications on their iPhone or iPad.

Cydia alternatives

The only true Cydia alternative is the Sileo app. That too can download on an iPhone when proving your jailbreak permission. But, we have some other apps that categorize as Cydia alternatives. They are totally free from jailbreak.

AppValley, Panda Helper, Emus4U, Tweakbox, TutuApp, iOSEmus, CokerNutX, AppCake, iPA4iOS, Aptoide, Asterix Installer, AppEven, Mojo Installer, FTiOS Store, HipStore, TopStore App, and AppVN are a few from those popular Cydia alternatives. Those are totally free and full of tweaks, games, and hacked apps that you cannot download through the odd Apple App Store.

Wrapping up

You do not have to prove your jailbreak permission to deal with such applications. The best thing is these are handy when you are with a version that still does not has a jailbreak tool. Or else use these for your device when you have reasons to stay away from jailbreaking. Each Cydia alternative that we have given you has unique features.

Moreover, you can use the Cydia Impactor method to easily bring those advanced IPA based applications completely free and even without installing a separate third-party app store. Just note that jailbreak is not the only way to bring advanced features to your iDevice. Just find out the best alternative and enjoy advanced apps and hacked tools.

How to Jailbreak Snapchat- Here you are the fact to learn

Have you noticed Snapchat gone down after jailbreak? This is a common complaint from many users around. So here we thought of writing you on how to jailbreak Snapchat together with some useful facts. The message simply to the users is to continue to make use of the Snapchat app on your iPhone stop from jailbreaking the device.

How to jailbreak Snapchat?

Jailbreak Snapchat

There is no way you can jailbreak Snapchat. And on jailbroken devices, Snapchat comes with some troubles.

As with the terms and conditions of the Snapchat app it only approves third-party apps that can work with Snap Kit. Among the approved apps we find Tinder, SoundHound, and apps like Pandora. The service Snapchat apply this rule in order to protect the user from possible malicious third-parties that could bring harm to your account. As a chatting service, the app mainly focuses on the security of the data been transferred. So in that term, this rule really works.

As with the reports, Jailbroken iOS devices have found failed to work with Snapchat. Even if you have installed the official Snapchat app, or have certain tweaks installed on the device, this failure may encounter. However, these tweaks can cooperate with the security of the account that owns you.

For many of the Snapchat users, jailbreak becomes an interruption. But we found some smart tricks that have worked for some users. Take a look at these,

Uses “NoSub” tweak and get into disabling the Cydia Substrate

By uninstalling the Cydia tweak “xCon”

Use a cleaning app like “iCleaner” on the jailbroken iOS and clear out if there is an unofficial app has been installed on the system

Please note: Snapchat developers or us do not hold any responsibilities for these tricks. And we do not recommend any of these. So if you are going to try any of these, take it at your own risk

Plentiful of users trust Snapchat for faster online chatting with high security. And it comes with updated experience through recent versions of Snapchat. But for that, you do not need to jailbreak iOS. So what matters here for the app is when you have a jailbreak. So make sure you know all the facts here around Jailbreak Snapchat. And whatever you try here should take at your own risk.

If you have a different experience on Jailbreak Snapchat, here is the space to write to us. Reach us through comments.